The right technique, division of the head and accuracy of execution is the key to excellent and durable dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks all over the head 400-1100zł
Temporary dreads 250-550zł
Single dread 20-40zł/pcs



Good to know before having your dreads done:

  • The minimum hair length: 6-8 cm, recommended: 10-15 cm.
  • We use only crochet hooks and a comb.
  • We do not use threads, rubber bands, glue, wax etc.
  • Beautiful dreads can be done even on thin and sparse hair.
  • Work time needed:
    • Whole head: from 8 to 16 hours
    • One piece: about 10-20 minutes
  • We give advices and tips regarding maintenance of dreads
  • We can shave the hair using shaver (eg. the sides, neck)

Our dreads are characterized by:

  • Excellent resistance to untwisting. They can be washed immediately after having them done.
  • Lack of severely sticking out dreads immediately after having them done.
  • Right splitting of the head surface, helping prevent clearances between dreadlocks.
  • Minimal number of broken hair and pulled out hair roots.
  • Hair is shortened from 5 to 20 cm.

You can choose:

  • any amount of dreads all over the head (30-100 pieces)
  • thickness of dreads (thick, medium or thin)
  • style / look (straight, plain, rootsy, irregular)
  • how to split the head surface (irregular or squared)
  • type of ends (loose, pointed or rounded)
  • leaving the fringe or shaving head sides.

Guaranteed reliability for 6 months:

  • Warranty of well done and interlocked dreads
  • Warranty service includes:
    • dealing with unbraiding ends
    • dealing with overly loose hair
    • fixing defects, for example so called “bends”
    • other problems caused by our fault

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Each customer’s satisfaction with dreadlocks/dreads made by us is of the superior value to us. If the service does not meet that expectation, we will try to fix this.


30-40 pcs
40-50 pcs
50-60 pcs
60-70 pcs
80-90 pcs
more then
90 pcs
10-15 cm
400zł 500zł 600zł 700zł 800zł 900zł
20-25 cm
450zł 550zł 650zł 750zł 850zł 950zł
30-35 cm
500zł 600zł 700zł 800zł 900zł 1000zł
40-45 cm
550zł 650zł 750zł 850zł 950zł 1050zł
more then
50 cm
600zł 700zł 800zł 900zł 1000zł 1100zł

  • Prices are negotiable. Prices quoted make the maximum amounts.
  • The final price is determined always individually for each project.
  • This offer does not constitute an offer in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

TEMPORARY DREADS (dread roots):

  • Our service includes: appropriate splitting of the head surface and pre-interlocking of the dreads with help of a crochet hook.
  • Perfect solution for those, who prefer to finish their dreads by themselves.
  • Price for the temporary dreads is HALF PRICE of the NATURAL DREADLOCKS – PRICE TABLE