dreds and plica

A tangled coat on your hair? Relax, don’t panic, we’ll definitely find a way for him. Thanks to experience and proprietary techniques, we are able to comb out every tangier.

Dreads combing from 50zł/h
Plica combing from 100zł/h



Worth knowing before visiting / combing:

  • We comb the quilts after:
    • hair extensions (keratin, on tape)
    • pigtails worn for too long (over 3 months)
    • dreadlocks worn for too long (over 3 months)
    • resulting from negligence
  • Before visiting, the tangles / hair should be thoroughly cleaned of any hair cosmetics (conditioners, oils, masks, etc.). Rinse well.
  • The amount and length of recovered hair depends on the degree of hair tangling, the size of the quilt, and the condition of the hair.
  • Combing is accounted for by the hour, because every tangled paper is a new challenge.


  • For combing we use the right tools (e.g. crochet, skewers, comb and brushes).
  • Optionally, we use cosmetics smoothing and softening the hair, which sometimes makes combing easier.


We are able to comb any kind of dreads / plica.